401 Series Blue Push Lock Hose

Hit the sweet spot between ease of installation and high performance with the RHP  401 series hoses. Engineered for use with our 2000 series hose ends, RHP 401 series hoses deliver great performance and can be assembled in minutes. RHP 401 series hoses contain a fully e85 compatible inner tube, a braided layer of tough nylon mesh and a smooth outer cover. With a max working pressure of 300psi, the RHP 402 Series hoses are not recommended for high pressure applications or suction systems. For best results assemble with our 420 Series Push Lock Hose Clamps and 5420-1 push lock hose clamp pliers.

Note: Our 402 Series hose is rated for temperatures up to 212F (100C).  If you are thinking of running the hose near a heat source we recommend applying some of our  244 Series fire sleeve over the line. Our 244 Series heat sleeve is good to withstand continuous working temperatures up to 500°F.

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