200 Series Standard Stainless Steel Hose

The RHP 200 Series hose is a true double braided stainless hose that uses the highest quality stainless wire available. Our 200 series hose uses a fuel resistant seamless NBR synthetic tube liner; Combine that with our industry exclusive bonding process and you have an extremely high performing hose. Redhorse 200 series hose offers excellent protection from abrasion while maintaining maximum pressure capabilities. 

The RHP 200 Series  hose is engineered for use with our 1000 Series Swivel Seal, 6000 Series Non-Swivel and 7000 Series Crimp Style hose ends.

* This hose is not designed for use on high pressure power steering lines and is not to be used for high pressure hydraulic applications. 

**Not to be used with e85 gas. For e85 application we suggest the use of our 205 Series e85 compatible hose

Available in 3', 6', 10' 15', 20' and 50' precut lengths 

NHRA accepted



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