7000 Series Crimp Style Hose Ends

RHP crimp-style Hose Ends offer the very best in performance and ease of assembly. Cut from 6061 T6 Aluminum on our CNC machine turning centers, the crimp style hose ends assemble in a matter of seconds with the aid of a crimping machine. Our double viton O-Ring seals provide leak free performance when used with a wide range of racing fuels and fluids. As always, RHP's exclusive hand polishing, color consistent anodizing and unique pressure testing adds the final touch of quality and protection that professional engine builders have come to expect from Redhorse Performance AN Hose Ends.

RHP non-swivel AN Hose Ends are are engineered for use with RHP 200, 205, 230, and 235 series hoses. For high performance race applications, Redhorse recommends using the 205 and 235 series e85 compatible hoses.

RHP crimp-style Hose Ends MUST be assembled with the aid of a crimping machine. We offer several different crimping machines. If you are interested in purchasing one, drop us a note

If you are looking for videos/tips on how to assemble our hose ends, check out our tech page.

If you have further questions about how to assemble the lines or would like us to assemble your lines for you, just let us know.


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