Universal Inline Fuel Pump

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Universal Inline Fuel Pump for EFI systems. Pairs well with our p/n 4651-01-2 mounting bracket.

-Rated for up to 900hp @ 70 psi of pressure with gasoline fuel. Flow test report available upon inquiry.

-No need to purchase inlet/outlet adapters for fuel pump. They are included with your purchase. The supplied inlet adapter is -10AN male to 18mm x 1.5 male and the outlet adapter is a -08AN male to 12mm x 1.5 male. Outlet fitting has integrated one-way check valve.

-Inlet thread of fuel pump is a metric 18mm x 1.5 thread. Outlet thread of fuel pump is a metric 12mm x 1.5 thread

Note* This pump is rated for Gasoline fuel only. If used with alcohol based fuels (like e85/methanol) or diesel, pump will have a shorter life and fail prematurely.

Pump should be installed as close to your fuel tank/cell as possible. Also needs to be level or below fuel tank/cell so fuel can be gravity fed into inlet of pump. Failure to properly mount fuel pump can cause premature failure and decreased performance.


-100 micron pre filter (inlet side) <--- this protects fuel pump from larger contaminants from damaging pump

-10 micron post filter (outlet side) <--- this protects down-stream fuel injectors that from clogging with debris